APPG Launches Guide to Fraud and Scams

On Tuesday 12th June, the All Party-Parliamentary Group on Financial Crime and Scamming launched a guide to fraud and scams.


Fraud is now the number one volume crime in the UK. The England and Wales Crime Survey 2017 showed that last year there were 2.73 million victims of fraud. Figures from the fraud prevention service, Cifas, show that identity fraud hit a record high last year with 174,523 cases recorded to Cifas alone, and in statistic released by UK Finance in March, the finance industry stopped £1.4 billion in attempted fraud during 2017.


The APPG has worked in collaboration with Bournemouth University to produce a guide, highlighting major frauds and scams which MPs and their constituents need to be aware of. It draws on work by the university which leads in this field of research and knowledge dissemination. The guide evidences the significant impact that financial scamming and fraud can have on the health and well-being of victims as well as the more apparent financial detriment.

Southend West MP Sir David Amess was delighted to attend the launch and show his support for the guide.