Tony Blair’s Day of Reckoning?

I and many people had waited seven years for the Chilcot Report to be published. It took a ridiculous amount of time. There has never been a satisfactory explanation as to why it took so long and if the Freedom of Information Act is to mean anything, answers should be secured. And then, of course, there was the cost, over £10 million!

I thought the purpose of this was to provide the facts to the relatives who had devastatingly lost loved ones in the Iraqi conflict. Furthermore, I thought the purpose was to find out the truth behind the process leading up to the disastrous decision which Parliament made to join the Americans in the exercise to remove Saddam Hussein from power. It could not be clearer that one person in particular is culpable and that is Tony Blair.

So why has there been a deafening silence from all parties, including dare I say certain sections of the media, about taking action to hold Tony Blair accountable for misleading Parliament and the country? There appears to be an establishment cover-up and that simply is not acceptable.

Tony Blair must be cock-a-hoop and laughing all the way to the bank and on a yacht somewhere. Following his Oscar winning performance at the press conference, he must have been absolutely delighted at all the distractions which followed. The EU referendum and consequent result, the Labour leadership contest, the Olympic Games and Parliament, of course, breaking up for the summer recess.

It would be to Parliament’s eternal shame if this pivotal moment in our country’s and the world’s fortunes is allowed to vanish into the ether. He still appears to be making a fortune as an advisor to various governments and organisations and he still seems to be holding a number of honours.

Come on everyone! Wake up and that includes the media and let us get some justice, now that we know who actually was responsible for the destabilisation of world order.