Southend West MP wants better deal for people with rare cancers

On the Wednesday 10th July, Sir David Amess attended a Parliamentary event marking the launch of a report into rare and less common cancers.  

Every year in England, 144,600 people ae diagnosed with rare or less common cancers which include leukaemia, sarcoma, testicular and pancreatic. These rarer cancers kill 74,500 a year.  

In the summer of 2018, Cancer52 ran an online survey to which over 670 responses were received. The organisation has now published a report which is calling for greater awareness and further treatment advances for patients.  

Following the event, Sir David said “Almost half of cancers diagnosed in England are rare or less common forms of the disease. Having spoken to people suffering with rare cancers today, I know that more must be done to ensure that greater information and support is made available. I commend the work of Cancer52 and would like to thank everybody for their hard work campaigning for improvements to the system.”