Southend West MP speaks at international virtual webinar on the Coronavirus pandemic

On Thursday 14th May, Sir David Amess spoke at an international webinar about the Coronavirus pandemic, organised by Congressman Robert Pittenger, with industry experts and Government representatives.

The webinar allowed MPs and industry experts from across the world to discuss how their respective countries have responded to the Coronavirus pandemic. As well as Sir David, we also heard from Congressman Robert Pittenger, Chairman of the Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum, the US Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, German MP, Volkmar Klein, SAS data specialist, Dr. Stephen Bennet, and scholars Dr. Scott Atlas and Dr. Avik Roy.

Sir David said “it was interesting having experts in health and security from different countries share their experiences and opinions on the virus. I enjoyed listening to how other nations, especially the US and Germany, are coping with Coronavirus”.

In his speech, Sir David discussed our situation in the UK in terms of what we have done so far and what the outcomes have been, the legislation passed surrounding Coronavirus and our Government’s plans for the future. Sir David praised the selfless NHS staff and other key workers for their heroic work as they support us through this crisis.

The other panellists and webinar listeners found it particularly interesting to hear Sir David talk about our Parliamentary proceedings with The Coronavirus Bill receiving Royal Assent on 25th March and how we have been holding a hybrid Parliament. Sir David spoke of details about how MP numbers were restricted in the House of Commons and many MPs, including Sir David, have done contributions virtually.

To finish, Sir David concluded with “This whole issue proves how vulnerable mankind is. I very much hope that it won’t be like landing the first person on the moon, but there will be proper international cooperation through some forum to come up with answers, but in particular find a cure through a vaccine. The quickest and most efficient way to defeat this virus which has spread throughout most of the world is with a global exit strategy. We need to get rid of nationalist rhetoric and policies and embrace a stronger international synergy and collaboration”.

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