Southend West MP meets with HM Treasury

On 8th October, Sir David Amess met with Exchequer Secretary to HM Treasury, Simon Clarke MP. 

On 1st September, vehicle excise duty was increased for new motorhomes. The 705% increase is thought to have significantly damaged sales of the vehicles, harmed independent manufacturers and the national tourism industry. Along with representatives of the National Caravan Council and the Caravan and Motorhome Club of Great Britain, Sir David asked the Exchequer Secretary to review this decision which will see many people put off the purchase of a new vehicle.  

Many people who buy motorhomes have to save for years or make a significant sacrifice elsewhere in their life to afford a vehicle: they are not always able to absorb a change in taxation which, over 5 years of ownership, would cost over £3000. 

Following the meeting, Sir David said “I welcome the positive discussion which we have just had. The Secretary was very understanding of the case which we presented, and I hope that further progress can be made to address this unfair tax.”