Southend West MP co-hosts meeting on the burden of Consumer Debt

On the 9th July, Sir David MP co-hosted a cross-party meeting to discuss the issue of unfair consumer debt and exploitative lending in our society.  

With personal debt in the UK rising to £1.637billion, the time to take action on ending the debt trap is now. Sir David used this cross-party event to bring together a wide ranging group of politicians, industry experts and others to discuss the problem of manipulative interest rates and consumer debt.  

At the meeting, Sir David continued his work in stressing the need for mechanisms to help people manage personal debt; and of the need to further support organisations who provide support to those in financial hardship. Both of those things are vital in the fight against the unfair rates and repayments which fuel the debt trap.  

Sir David made the point that “As a constituency MP, I know that financial security is essential for the peace of mind of local people; and that exploitative debt has a real impact which the statistics alone cannot show. I hope that by bringing together this cross-party gathering of lawmakers and industry leaders, we can find new ways to give support to those in need and combat unfair lending schemes.