Southend Museum Opens Its Doors For English Tourism Week

To celebrate English Tourism Week (Saturday 30th March to Sunday 7th April), the Southend Central Museum invited local MP Sir David Amess and Councillor Georgina Philips for a special viewing of their shipwreck exhibition.


The exhibition showcases the finds of the shipwreck of The London, a 17th century warship that sunk in the Thames Estuary in 1665. Opened last September, the exhibition features objects retrieved from the wreckage and explores life and warfare on board the ship. The exhibition will run in Southend's Central Museum on Victoria Avenue until July 20th 2019. 


In its 50th year, English Tourism Week celebrates the value and importance of tourism to local and regional economies, and raises awareness of the hidden historical gems across the country. Tourism is one of England's largest and most valuable industries, employing more than 2.6 million people and generating over £106 billion for the British economy. 


Sir David said 'I was really pleased to visit The London Shipwreck exhibition with Cllr Georgina Phillips this English Tourism Week. It was an absolutely fascinating tour and delves into the rich nautical history of our coastline. Southend is extremely lucky to have such treasures, and wonderful tourist attractions for the town. 


Further details on how to plan your visit to The London Shipwreck Exhibition can be found at