Southend MP speaks in Queen’s Speech debate

On Monday, 14th October, the Queen formally opened the new Parliamentary session. Following the longest session since the English Civil War, Members of Parliament from all political parties were keen to see the Government set out a fresh domestic agenda.  

Following the ceremonial events in the House of Lords, which were seen across the country, MPs returened to the House of Commons to debate the content of the Monarch’s speech. 

In Her Majesty’s gracious speech, Government proposals were outlined addressing matters including the NHS, education and animal cruelty. Monday saw the commencement of the debate on the speech in the House of Commons which will go on until Tuesday 22nd October.  

The first day of the Queen’s Speech debate provides MPs with the opportunity to speak on any issue, either related to the content of the speech, or requesting that further measures be announced. In his speech, Sir David addressed matters including healthcare, animal welfare and the Environment. A full copy of the speech can be found online by visiting the Hansard website.  

Following his contribution to the debate, Sir David said “I am glad that the Government has had the opportunity to set out its domestic legislative agenda. I have spoken on the first day of the Queen’s Speech debate since I first entered the House of Commons and I am glad that I was able to use my contribution today to speak about a number of local and national issues which are of great importance.”