Southend MP asks Parliamentary Question on online abuse

More people than ever before are using the internet and in particular, social media platforms. Individuals, who have accounts in both private and public capacities, often have to put up with online abuse from people that cannot be identified. Sir David Amess MP, who uses twitter, raised this specific issue in the House of Commons on Wednesday 22nd January.   

Sir David asked, “Can we please address the situation whereby people can post online abuse without having to have their names and addresses published.” 

Responding on behalf of the Cabinet Office, Chloe Smith MP said “I think, first of all companies need to tackle such abusive behaviour and take responsibilities for that on their … services. And I think that could include taking steps to limit the abuse … of anonymity. What I would add is that this Government is also taking forward measures to put digital imprints on online political material and that will be a way to help voters see who is saying what, and hold them to account.”