Sir David’s Brexit update

Each day, I meet any number of people – on the train, in the street and at meetings – who say to me “what are you all playing at in Westminster? We are heartily sick of Brexit”. I leave people in no doubt at all that their Member of Parliament is also thoroughly fed up with what has happened since the European Union membership referendum took place in 2016. 

There is now a new Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister – he could not have assumed the high office that he holds under more challenging circumstances. Mr Johnson is still doing the best that he can to honour the result of the 2016 referendum and colleagues who take the Conservative Whip in Parliament are totally united in accepting the agreement that he has crafted. Most opposition parties are seeking to further delay, confuse and complicate Brexit. I think this is disgraceful and totally anti-democratic. 

Saturday’s sitting of Parliament, the first since 1982, was heralded as being the crunch occasion for the future of our country in terms of Brexit. Instead, the whole sitting turned out to be a huge anti-climax: by a fairly small majority, Parliamentarians, mainly from opposition parties decided to delay making a decision about Brexit yet again. As this nonsense continues, so many crucially important issues – including social care, education and the environment – are not receiving the attention which they deserve. 

The electorate, however they voted in the referendum, are right to be angry about what is happening – I share their anger.