Sir David visits the European Parliament

Last week Sir David visited the European Parliament as a part of a delegation, including former MP Sir Simon Burns. This was the MP for Southend West’s first visit to Strasbourg where he met members, witnessed votes in the gallery, and spoke on animal welfare issues.


Sir David was invited by MEP John Flack, who has represented the East of England in the European Parliament since being elected in 2017. In addition to touring the city of Strasbourg, Sir David twice visited Parliament to witness their procedure, enabling him to compare it to Westminster.


As a guest of John Flack MEP, Sir David attended a discussion on a topic he is very passionate about, animal welfare and conservation. The local MP took part in an Intergroup discussion which focussed on the ivory trade, something Sir David has been a fierce critic of. He urged other EU nations to enact strict bans like the UK, because one of the ultimate solutions to eradicating the trade that kills 20,000 elephants each year is to eliminate the demand.