Sir David Supports Campaign to Tackle Illegal Tobacco Trade

On Tuesday 4th June, Sir David added his support to raise awareness of the illegal tobacco trade, and tackle illicit and counterfeit goods.

The Southend West MP took the opportunity to find out how the trade in illegal tobacco products is growing, and what law enforcement agencies are doing to disrupt the illegal market. An estimated 37,000 pack of illicit tobacco are smoked every hour, with 33 illegal factories being identified in the UK over the past 4 years. As well as the serious health risks for consumers, over £2.5 billion in tax revenue is lost every year through illicit tobacco. 

Speaking at the parliamentary event, Sir David said 'I was shocked to learn about the amount of illegal tobacco on our streets, and the scale of the problem. These products can be extremely dangerous and pose significant health risks, and sadly often consumers are unaware that their products are counterfeit. More must be done to tackle the illegal tobacco trade.'