Sir David speaks in Trophy Hunting debate

On 2nd October, Sir David Amess MP spoke in a Westminster Hall debate on Trophy Hunting imports.  

Trophy Hunting, sometimes described as a sport, sees individuals kill wild animals such as lions, zebras and bears. People can pay upwards of $70,000 USD to fly across the world and shoot an animal, often in artificial circumstances and at point blank range.  

The Southend West MP, who has a keen interest in animal welfare, used the debate to show his full support for a complete ban of Trophy Hunting imports. The Minister who responded on behalf of the Government, Zac Goldsmith, also has a well-known reputation for supporting animal welfare causes.  

During his speech, Sir David said “In the 10 years to 2017, 290,000 trophy items were exported across the world, including to the UK. As a global leader on animal welfare, we cannot allow this trade to continue … As a nation of animal lovers, I do not think any reasonable person would want to be associated with Trophy Hunters and I fully support a complete ban on all Trophy imports.”