Sir David speaks in Summer Adjournment Debate

On Wednesday 22 July, Sir David Amess, MP for Southend West, spoke in the annual Summer Adjournment Debate before the House of Commons rose for summer recess.

Sir David took the opportunity to raise a number of constituent concerns and national issues, mentioning a total of 34 different subjects, including: Southend Airport, c2c, travellers, housing, TV licenses, anti-social behaviour and Southend’s bid to become a city, as well as a number of issues relating to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The MP for Southend West said “Unfortunately, Southend airport has been hit by easyJet losses, arguments about section 106 and about night flights—we had a good meeting with the Minister recently. I congratulate all the local police officers on the way they have tackled antisocial behaviour, which has spiked recently. But I think the money that has been wasted on restoring the Belvedere is to be questioned—there is lots of graffiti back on it again.”

Sir David also took the time to mention the vital work of two local residents, “The endometriosis inquiry is carrying on, and I am delighted to say to colleagues that, inspired by my constituent, Carla Cressy, we will be issuing our report in the autumn. Billy Mansell is a wonderful constituent working for people who suffer from fibromyalgia and he has launched a new initiative called “Sphere Master”—I congratulate him.”

The MP went on to raise issues of housing in Southend West which have been brought to his attention by local residents. “At Ekco Park in the constituency I represent, there is an argument between leaseholders and freeholders about the upkeep of people’s properties. That needs to be settled. Everyone would recognise that we need housing, ​but it is just not on to put more houses on green areas in Lundy Close.”

Sir David also asked for guidance on when the 11-plus will take place this year, highlighted his opposition to TV licence fees for the over-75s and announced he will be holding celebrations to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VJ day on 15 August. Finally, the MP paid tribute to local residents who sadly died during the Coronavirus pandemic; Dr Zaidi and Paul Karslake, as well as suggesting we honour the late Dame Vera Lynn with a statue.

You can read Sir David’s full speech at the following link:

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