Sir David speaks in favour of protecting the UK against flu this winter and re-opening all GP surgeries

On Tuesday 1st September, Sir David Amess, MP for Southend West, asked the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care about plans to ensure the UK is healthy throughout the flu season and re-opening GP surgeries.

Sir David said “Everyone accepts that my Right Honourable Friend’s priority at the moment is fighting the invisible enemy but with winter approaching there will be many people worried about the threat of flu. So, will my Right Honourable Friend tell the House if there are special arrangements for those people who wish to receive the vaccination and does he have any further news about the re-opening of all GP surgeries?”

Matt Hancock replied “The flu vaccination programme this year will be the biggest in history … and we are proposing to expand the number of qualified NHS clinicians who can administer vaccinations whether that’s for the flu programme which we know that is coming or for the Covid vaccination programme should a Covid vaccine come off”.