Sir David re-elected as Member of Parliament for Southend West

Just after 02:00 on the morning of Friday 13th December, it was announced that Sir David had been returned as the Southend West MP with an increased majority.  

Sir David received 27,555 votes which represented 59.2% vote share. Locally, there was a turnout of 67.4%.  

Nationally, the Conservative Party gained an additional 47 seats, boosting their numbers in the House of Commons to 365 – this represents the largest Conservative majority since Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister.  

Sir David commented “I was thrilled and delighted to be re-elected again as the Conservative Member of Parliament for Southend West; particularly in the circumstances of an election which was held primarily on one issue – our departure from the European Union. Now that I have been returned as a Member of Parliament again, my duty is to represent everyone with their problems, regardless of their political beliefs.” 

A full breakdown of national and local results can be seen here: