Sir David raises topic of Southend infrastructure projects in Parliament

On Tuesday 18th April, Sir David Amess asked the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Rt Hon David Gauke MP, about support for regional infrastructure.


The MP for Southend West asked:


“What steps he is taking to support regional infrastructure development?”


Mr Gauke responded by outlining the commitments that the Government is making to improve regional infrastructure across the country:


“We recognise the importance of infrastructure provision in all regions of the United Kingdom. That is why at autumn statement 2016 we committed additional capital to fund high-value economic infrastructure through the national productivity investment fund. We are committed to putting local and regional needs at the heart of this fund. For example, we are spending £1.1 billion on local projects to improve our existing transport networks. That will deliver improvements to hundreds of roads across the country.”


Sir David followed up his question by asking about particular developments in Southend West:


“What further help can my right hon. Friend give to infrastructure projects in Southend West, including the A127 corridor improvement works?”


The Chief Secretary to the Treasury made it clear that the Government recognises the great importance of improving the A127:


“My hon. Friend is a tireless advocate of the case for Southend. Indeed, we met in November to discuss some of these issues. It is worth pointing out that the Government have supported improvements to the A127, with more than £35 million of local growth funding. Furthermore, local authorities will have the opportunity to bid into the £490 million local transport pot as part of the national productivity investment fund.”