Sir David questions Home Secretary following Leigh patrol

Following his patrol of Leigh-on-Sea with Essex Police, Sir David Amess MP asked a Home Office Question in Parliament on Monday 28th October.  

The Southend West MP said “Following time spent patrolling Leigh-on-Sea Broadway on Frdiay with two excellent Police Officers would my Right Honourable Friend now look at the availability of accommodation for people with mental health issues detained under section 136 and perhaps some more simplifying of criminal behaviour orders.” 

In response, the Home Secretary, The Rt Hon Priti Patel MP said “I thank my Honourable friend for going out on patrol and supporting Essex Police and everything they do locally. He is right, of course, we are working with the Department of Health and Social Care to consider recommendations for the Mental Health Act review so that people in mental health crisis can receive the right support that they need. We should stop criminalising these individuals and make sure that we are working across all institutions and local communnities as well to ensure they have the right kind of help and support.”