Sir David meets with Southend Airport CEO

On Friday 20th March, Sir David Amess, MP for Southend West, visited Southend Airport and met Glyn Jones, CEO, to discuss night flights and Coronavirus. 

To reduce the disruptions Southend Airport has to local areas at night, Mr Jones assured Sir David that pilots will aim to keep the noise of aircrafts and engines to a minimum where possible. Furthermore, if cargo flights are increased due to Coronavirus, they will not take place at night and pilots have agreed not to fly over Leigh unless absolutely necessary. 

Because of Coronavirus, airlines servicing Southend Airport have announced a temporary reduction of flights and many flights will be suspended until further notice because of the Government’s advice on non-essential travel. Health and safety is Mr Jones’ first priority, he said, so the aircrafts are thoroughly cleaned after each rotation, employees and passengers are provided with advice and there are isolation areas in the airport. 

After his visit, Sir David said “I was pleased to hear that Glyn Jones is taking the necessary measures to protect Southend Airport and those who use it. It is important to follow Government advice and only fly if it is absolutely essential” and “I am pleased that the pilots and Southend Airport staff will be taking action to reduce the noise of activity during the night and therefore minimise the disturbance to the local residents of Southend”.