Sir David joins family in celebrating news that British Citizen held in Czech Prison is back home

On Friday 21 August, the family of Mr Lakhbir Sandhu, a British Citizen who had been detained in a Czech Prison, were delighted to receive the news that Czech authorities have released him from custody.

Mr Lakhbir Sandhu was a Senior Gas Trader. He had been detained in the Czech Republic since his arrest on 8th January 2019. In September 2019, Lakhbir’s parents, Kulbir and Bhupinder, attended the constituency surgery of Sir David Amess, MP for Southend West, to seek his support for their son. Following this, in February 2020 Sir David visited Pankrac Prison in Prague to meet Mr Lakhbir Sandhu, as well as to attend a meeting with the British Ambasssador to the Czech Republic and Lakhbir’s solicitor. During this visit, where he was accompanied by Lakhbir’s father, Sir David saw first-hand the conditions of the Czech Prison in which Mr Sandhu had been held for months.

Following the second part of Lakhbir’s trial, which started on Wednesday 19th August, on Friday 21 August the judge released Mr Lakhbir Sandhu from custody. The prosecution did not object to the judge’s ruling to release him from custody. Sir David has joined his family in celebrating the good news that Lakhbir returned home on Saturday morning.

Commenting, Lakhbir’s family said “We are absolutely delighted that Lakhbir is home. After an agonising 19 months and 13 days, his solicitor called us on Friday morning informing us that Lakhbir was being released from custody. There is still a long way to go as the case is still ongoing and the charges have not been dropped. The family would like to express our utmost gratitude to Sir David Amess, the British Embassy, Jiri Slovacek for his excellent defence, all of our relatives and friends, Lak’s friends, our #Justice4Lak friends. We would not have been able to get through this without their support.”

On hearing the news Sir David said, “Having stood shoulder to shoulder with Mr Sandhu and his family throughout this ordeal, I am absolutely delighted with this news. How it ever got to this situation in the first place is baffling to say the least. In the course of time I do hope the truth of this whole sorry saga will be revealed. Until then I join with the family in celebrating what is a very happy moment.”