Sir David joins Chancellor to praise Southend BEST Growth Hub

The MP for Southend West asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer to join him in congratulating the success of the BEST Growth Hub in Southend. The MP had recently visited the Hub in the Hive Enterprise Centre in October, and was thoroughly impressed by the support, advice and grants available to local businesses.

In the House of Commons chamber on 6th November, Sir David asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, if ‘My right hon. Friend will join me in congratulating the BEST enterprise growth centre at Hive in Southend, which provides free advice for businesses to grow and proposer, and has so far helped over 3,000 businesses in Essex increase their prosperity?

In response, the Chancellor said ‘I am pleased to join my hon. Friend in congratulating the BEST growth hub on its support for Essex businesses. That is a clear example of how England’s 38 growth hubs are helping businesses to start up and grow. Businesses in Essex, like those across England, will benefit from the further measures that I have announced on management training, mentoring and local peer networks, which will help businesses to grow by learning from our leading business schools and companies, as well as from one another.’