Sir David explains why he is backing Brexit

Comment from Sir David:

"In 1975 I voted ‘No’ in the referendum on Britain’s membership of the Common Market and I believe I was right to do so.

The EU has changed from a free trade area into a regulatory nightmare for its members. The EUs 100 most expensive regulations cost UK businesses over £33 billion a year, even though only 5% of British businesses export to the EU. If we leave the EU we will have the freedom to trade with Global partners who are eager to do business with the 5th largest economy in the world.

The most worrying development in the history of our relationship with the European Union has been the loss of Parliamentary sovereignty. Over 55% of our laws are imposed by Brussels and the European Court. Most of these laws are created and passed by unelected bureaucrats and the majority voting rules mean that we cannot veto any laws that we feel would be damaging to our society or economy.

If we leave the EU we will be in charge of our own economic policy, legal system, employment law and business regulation. Our laws would be debated and passed by elected MPs, accountable only to the British people. Vital issues such as national security, border controls and immigration policy should not be decided by unelected foreign powers.

It would be a huge mistake and indeed dangerous to vote to remain in the EU on 23rd June. It would not be a vote to stay in the EU as it is now. The push for ever closer union is ongoing, with plans for a European Army, a common European foreign policy and a Common Energy Policy.

We currently send £350 million a week to the EU, money which could be spent on the priorities of the British people; the NHS, education, defence and security rather than propping up the failing economies of the countries struggling within the constraints of European economic policy.

A vote to leave on 23rd June will be a vote for freedom - freedom to trade, freedom to make our own laws, freedom to follow a global path to prosperity and growth for the British people. Let us seize this once in a lifetime opportunity to take back control of the government of our country."


REASSERTING OUR SOVEREIGNTY: Traditionally we have made our own laws in our own Parliament, however, more than half of our laws are now made by the EU. Also, EU laws take precedence over our own British Law. British courts, even our own Supreme Court, are subservient to the European Court of Justice, whose judges we cannot choose either. I think we should elect our own Government and make our own laws, which could not be overridden by laws from the EU.

IMMIGRATION: It isn’t ‘racist’ to talk about immigration; this remains a genuine concern to
many people living in our country and so we should be prepared to talk about it. In late May the Office for National Statistics confirmed that in 2015 net migration into the UK was 333,000, of whom well over half (184,000) came from within the EU. This is the second highest figure ever recorded and helps to illustrate the increasing pressure on our public services which is being caused by immigration. This pressure will only be compounded if Turkey eventually joins the EU. The Government has declared its intention to reduce annual net migration to the “tens of thousands” but it is obvious from the above figures that this cannot be achieved while we remain in the EU. It would be better if we took back control and gave Parliament back the power to set limits on the number of people seeking to settle in our country.

TRADE AND THE ECONOMY: We should refuse to give in to “Project Fear” and all the scaremongering that goes with it, including that Brexit would somehow encourage ISIS or that there will be a war if we leave! Some years ago we were told that it would be a disaster if we left the Exchange Rate Mechanism (the ERM). We did - and Britain prospered as a result. Then we were told all sorts of problems would befall us if we didn’t abandon the pound and join the Euro. Thankfully we kept the pound instead and have done well as a result, while economic problems in the Eurozone have continued to mount. The simple fact is that the EU already runs a major trade deficit with us, something they will not want to give up if we leave.

TAKE BACK CONTROL: What began years ago as the European Economic Community (the “Common Market”) has now evolved into the far more centralised European Union (the EU). This has meant surrendering increasing areas of our national life including agriculture, immigration, trade and some elements of taxation (like VAT) to the EU. If we don’t want this process to continue, with the EU taking over more and more areas of our national life, then we should elect to take back control of our own destiny and Vote to Leave on June 23rd.

Finally, if you want to see more about this whole issue for yourself, you can view ‘Brexit the Movie’ at