Sir David Calls For Home Office To Do More For Christian Refugees

At Business Questions on 4th April, Sir David Amess MP raised the UK's efforts in granting asylum to Christian converts. Following reports the Home Office rejecting a number of asylum claims from Christian converts, Sir David called on the UK to do more to protect those fleeing religious persecution. 


Sir David asked the Leader of the House to 'find time for a debate on the difficulties that converts to Christianity are having in achieving asylum status in the United Kingdom? While I am sure the House understands that the Home Office has to be very careful, I simply do not understand its reluctance to approve those applications, given all the checks and balances.'


The Leader of the House, Andrea Leadsom, replied 'My hon. Friend raises an interesting point. All asylum claims made in the UK are carefully considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into account individual merits against a background of relevant case law and up-to-date country information, which covers issues relating to freedom of religion and belief. I can assure him that the Home Office provides protection for all those who genuinely need it, in accordance with our international obligations under the 1951 refugee convention and the European convention on human rights.'