Sir David Calls on Chancellor to Axe the Reading Tax

Southend West MP, Sir David Amess, joins the growing number of MPs and Peers calling for the Chancellor to Axe the Reading Tax on e-publications.

At an event held by the Axe the Reading Tax campaign in Parliament, the National Literacy Trust unveiled its new research into children’s literacy and digital reading. The research finds that young people who are the most engaged with reading are more likely to read both on paper and on screen than their peers who have low engagement with reading. The number of children and young people aged 9 to 18 is reading digitally is increasing. however VAT is still charged on all digital reading materials such as e-books. 

Sir David said ‘The National Literacy Trust’s new research shows the considerable benefit to young peoples’ literacy and engagement that reading on both digital and print materials can have. We need to do all we can to encourage young people to read. For this reason, I fully support the campaign to Axe the Reading Tax on e-publications’

Sir David joins a coalition of authors, publishers and charities who are responding to this new research by calling for the Government to Axe the Reading Tax to provide equal access to reading for all.

Report author Irene Picton, National Literacy Trust, said: ‘Our findings suggest that offering children and young people the opportunity to read not just a wide range of materials, but the chance to access these through different formats, may hold benefits not just for those children less engaged by print reading but potentially for all readers.'