Sir David backs calls to bring cruel puppy smuggling to an end

The Southend West MP has pledged to help stop puppy smuggling, and added his voice to the campaign to tackle the illegal importation of animals into the UK. 

The campaign follows a recent report from the Dogs Trust that revealed the illegal importation of puppies from Central and Eastern Europe into the UK. The investigation showed the industrial scale of imports of puppies from Hungary and Serbia, and highlighted how smugglers were exploiting harmonised pet travel across Europe under the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS). Under these rules, puppies as young as 15 weeks could obtain passports and travel to the UK. The Dogs Trust uncovered wide spread abuse of the current rules in order to illegally import puppies into the UK, including the falsification of age and vaccination records.

Sir David said ‘I'm backing the campaign to stops puppy smuggling once and for all. The Dogs Trust’s recent report has shown the horrific conditions and treatment animals illegally imported into the UK suffer. It's time to take action and end this awful practice for good.