Sir David asks a question to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

On Monday 18th May, Sir David Amess, MP for Southend West, asked Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, about plans for a vaccine for Coronavirus and brought the House’s attention to the selfless work those at Southend Hospital and other health carers are doing in the community.

Those who work at Southend Hospital, as well as other healthcare providers and workers, have been the backbone of our community in Southend. Their work throughout the year is always appreciated, but especially recently in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. Sir David asked Matt Hancock to “join with me in thanking all the staff at Southend Hospital and those who provide associated healthcare for their heroic efforts during this time of national crisis”.

Matt Hancock said “I want to join my Rt Hon friend in thanking the staff at Southend Hospital who have done so much in such difficult times to make sure that all of the community can get access to the support they need if they have Coronavirus, and who I know now are working on the restoration of other services so that people with any health need can get the support they need”.

Working on a vaccine for Coronavirus is crucial and Sir David acknowledged this by asking Matt Hancock to “reassure them [those working in the healthcare profession] that we do have plans to deliver this vaccine”.

Matt Hancock confirmed that there are plans to deliver a vaccine by replying “Yes, absolutely, to deliver this vaccine … we will have the plans in place to ensure that the vaccine can be safely delivered to those who will benefit from it. And we have the agreement with AstraZeneca to the production of 100 million doses and 30 million right at the start of that programme”.