Sir David announces 75th anniversary Victory over Japan Day celebrations

Sir David Amess, MP for Southend West, is hosting a Victory over Japan Day celebration for this year’s 75th anniversary on 15th August. Sir David has put together a video commemorating those involved in the War and has been working closely with the Children and Families of the Far East Prisoners of War charity.

Amongst other things, in this video we will hear the history of the conflict in the Far East narrated by Peter Egan, who is well known for his roles in Downton Abbey, Ever Decreasing Circles and Chariots of Fire. A local veteran John Hill will tell us about his time in the war as a navigator. Members from the Children and Families of the Far East Prisoners of War charity will share their family’s stories about the war. Winner of Southend’s Got Talent competition, Joe Palmer, will perform On the Road to Mandalay and of course we will hear the wonderful singing from Vera Lynn, the Forces’ Sweetheart, as well as an interview with her daughter, Virginia. To finish, there will be a one-minute’s silence and the last post performed by Westcliff High School for Boys. I hope you all enjoy this celebration for VJ Day. 


Sir David said: "VE Day celebrations this year were somewhat muted because of the pandemic. We need to ensure our boys in the Far East are not forgotten, and so we should properly commemorate their efforts this year for the 75th anniversary of VJ Day. I would like to thank everybody who has shared their family’s war story and memories and to everybody else who has contributed to make this event possible and keep the memories of VJ Day alive”.