Sir David Amess supports plans to restore nature

A recent report by Rewilding Britain was launched in Parliament on Monday, 28th October. The document helps to set out plans for Britain to lead the world in environmental solutions, through large-scale restoration of ecosystems. Proposals included in the document could help reduce our national carbon emissions and remove carbon already in the air, which is seen as key to tackling climate change.  

Plans could see new subsidies used to support restoration of damaged and degraded ecosystems, boosting the biodiversity and landscape of Britain. These would be targeted towards farmers so that they can be rewarded for delivering carbon reductions.  

The UK's departure from the EU and the replacement of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy subsidies will allow for a once in a generation opportunity to help restore ecosystems through a new series of British subsidies.  

Following the launch of the report, Sir David said “I congratulate the authors of this report as they seek to alleviate the challenges posed by climate change. This is a very important issue and I hope that the Government will be able to consider the proposals that have been set out in this report.”