Sir David Amess supports Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill

On the 10th July, the second reading of the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill took place in the House of Commons. This essential bill raises the maximum sentence for individuals found guilty of animal cruelty from six months, and an unlimited fine, to 5 years; far beyond the European average of 2.04 years. This will address the issue of lenient sentencing for cases of heinous cruelty to animals, and bring the maximum sentence in line with the opinions of a country which has always led the way on animal welfare.  

Sir David has passionately promoted animal welfare ever since he was first elected as an MP in 1983. It was no different during the second reading, as he said how glad he was that the House finally had “the chance to support such a positive piece of legislation”. Sir David celebrated the United Kingdom’s “historical championing of animal welfare” and the effect the bill will have on raising “the profile of animal welfare as an issue”, whilst seeking assurance that there will be sufficient resources in place to effectively enforce the new law on animal welfare.  

Hoping to be in the statute books in the very near future, this piece of legislation will ensure that perpetrators of animal cruelty are brought to justice.