Prime Minister Shows Support for Stilt Walkers’ Journey to Downing Street

During Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday 19th April, Sir David Amess told the House about the Southend stilt walkers who will be embarking on an all day, all night journey to 10 Downing Street as part of the Alternative City of Culture celebrations.


The MP for Southend West said:


“As part of Southend’s celebrations as the alternative city of culture, stilt walkers will walk non-stop from Southend to No. 10 Downing Street on the morning of Monday 1 May to raise money for the Music Man Project to help people with learning difficulties, and for a charity for child refugees. Will my right hon. Friend arrange, on the morning of Tuesday 2 May, for someone on her behalf to receive the stilt walkers and accept from Southend’s town crier the proclamation that in this, the 125th anniversary of the founding of the borough, Southend be declared a city?”


The Prime Minister responded by promising to make arrangements for the stilt walkers to be met when they arrive at Downing Street on Tuesday 2 May:


“When I first heard about the stilt walkers, I thought it sounded a bit of a tall order, but I am sure they will be making great strides as they approach Downing Street. I am pleased to hear what my hon. Friend says about the Southend celebrations, but also about the efforts that are being made to raise funds for very, very important causes. We will certainly look very carefully at what can be done in Downing Street when the stilt walkers arrive.”