New alliance of UK organisations launches in parliament

A new alliance that aims to promote the development and widespread use of effective non-animal methods of scientific research launched in parliament on Wednesday 8th February. The launch event, which was hosted by Southend West MP, Sir David Amess, was attended by a number of scientists from academia, industry and regulatory agencies in order to demonstrate the merits of a human-relevant approach.


The ‘Alliance for Human Relevant Science’ is an inclusive collaboration of likeminded companies, organisations and individuals working together to accelerate innovation and create positive change in scientific research. The alliance aims to support better science for better health, save lives – human and animals – through improved safety and efficacy testing of medicines and other chemicals, and save money through more relevant research.


Speaking during the event, Sir David said:


“It gives me great pleasure to introduce this event to launch a new collaboration, which I support wholeheartedly: the Alliance for Human Relevant Science.”


“We are already witnessing the start of a major transition in the life sciences, which has been largely based on animal research, to a future based on human models for human diseases.”


“There are many different drivers towards the goal of human models for human disease; the most obvious one being that human relevant sciences will surely lead to more effective and safer medicines and other chemicals.”