MPs gather to raise awareness of Haemochromatosis

On Wednesday 31st October, Sir David Amess MP joined fellow MPs at an event in the House of Commons to raise awareness of Haemochromatosis. The event, organised by the charity Haemochromastosis UK, also saw the launch of a new report detailing the impact of living with the condition

Haemochromatosis is a chronic genetic condition that causes the body to over-absorb iron, and deposit it in vital organs leading to a vast array of serious health problems. With around 5 million carriers and 250,000 people at genetic risk across the UK, greater awareness of this condition is crucial.

Sir David said ‘It was great to attend this event to hear from clinicians, researchers and sufferers themselves about the devastating impact that this condition can have. Ensuring more people are aware of the symptoms and genetic risk is key to treating and preventing this debilitating condition.’