MPs back sunbed ban for under 18s

David Amess MP has backed calls to protect children from sunbeds at a Cancer Research UK event in Parliament.

Yesterday the Southend West MP gave his support to a Private Member’s Bill to prevent under 18s from using sunbeds.

He was among dozens of MPs who heard how children raise their risk of skin cancer in later life by using sunbeds – recently upgraded to a top class carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

Cancer Research UK’s recently commissioned survey found that in Liverpool and Sunderland half of all 15-17 year old girls have used sunbeds. Even more shocking is that more than a quarter of a million children aged 11-17 in the UK have used sunbeds.

MPs were urged to support Cardiff North MP Julie Morgan’s Private Member’s Bill to ensure that children were no longer able to put their health at risk in this way.

David Amess said: “I was shocked to hear how dangerous sunbeds can be to children’s health – and how many under 18s seem to be using them. We must act to prevent young people having access to sunbeds. And I will be giving my full support to this Bill.”

Cancer Research UK found that 87 per cent of the public want a law to stop under 18s using sunbeds and 90 per cent support sunbed salons being staffed.