MP Calls for Debate on ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Protocols

During Business Questions on Thursday 12th July, Sir David asked the Leader of the House for a debate on ‘do not resuscitate’ protocols in hospital.

Speaking in the House of Commons chamber, the MP for Southend West said: “Will my right hon. Friend find time for a debate on the “do not resuscitate”—DNR—protocols? It can often be traumatic when someone is called to a hospital and asked whether they want their loved one to be resuscitated. This is a profound and dark subject, but it is certainly one that Parliament should consider.”


Responding to Sir David’s question, the Leader of the House, Andrea Leadsom, said: “DNR decisions are traumatic and distressing, so my hon. Friend is right to raise them for consideration. Resuscitation guidance is produced ​jointly by the Resuscitation Council, the British Medical Association and the Royal College of Nursing, and it suggests that decisions should be made only after sensitive discussions between healthcare professionals and those close to the patient. However, the Select Committee on Health and Social Care may be interested in considering the topic, so I encourage my hon. Friend to take up how we can improve awareness of and guidance on DNR decisions.”