Local MP backs calls to end game bird cage cruelty

Sir David Amess MP showed his support for a ban on cages for game birds at an event held in Parliament on Wednesday 31st October. The campaign led by Animal Aid and Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation, calls for an end to the use of battery cage for breeding pheasants and partridges.

The needs of gamebirds depend on the species, but there are many ways in which cages compromise their welfare. Birds kept in cages are often become stressed and injured, some sharing cages with decaying corpses of other birds. The cages prevent birds from engaging in their most basic natural behaviour such as flying, roosting and nesting.

With increased awareness of the suffering of caged egg-laying hens, it is important that other caged birds are not forgotten. Sir David said ‘as a lifelong animal welfare campaigner, I am proud to back this campaign. It is about time that the awful conditions that some of these birds are kept in becomes a thing of the past.