David Amess MP supports British Lung Foundation's manifesto

David Amess demonstrated hissupport for the British Lung Foundation’s manifesto at a Lung Health AwarenessDay at the House of Commons today.

The British Lung Foundation’selection manifesto highlights nine challenges the British Lung Foundation wouldlike to see the next Government tackle, including the inclusion of a simplelung function test within the NHS Healthcheck programme.

COPD (Chronic ObstructivePulmonary Disease) is a progressive, irreversible lung disease yet it is bothpreventable and treatable and early diagnosis and treatment can slow theprogression of the illness. Symptoms include a persistent cough, breathingproblems, a wheezy chest, and recurrent chest infections.  The condition affects more than three millionpeople in the UK– with an estimated two of the three million undiagnosed.

The Southend West MP said: “I wasvery pleased to attend the British Lung Foundation’s lung health awareness dayto welcome their manifesto and to have a breathing test. Early diagnosis oflung disease is essential so I would urge any of my constituents with symptomsto visit their GP for a lung function test.”