David Amess MP puts the spotlight on screening in Southend West

Southend West MP David Amesstoday met with representatives from Beating Bowel Cancer at their annual BELOUD BE CLEAR reception asking Parliamentarians to be loud about bowel cancerand raise awareness of the importance of screening. Bowel cancer is the UK’s secondbiggest cancer killer. Of the 100 people diagnosed with bowel cancer every day,almost half will die from the condition. Yet over 90% of cases can be treatedsuccessfully if diagnosed early enough.

All people aged 60-69 in Englandare invited for screening every two years through the NHS bowel cancerscreening programme. Yet, in Southend West only 58% of people have taken partin screening since it was made available. Beating Bowel Cancer is calling forthose people eligible to take part in the screening programme, with the goal ofscreening one million additional people in the UK over the next two years, andultimately saving over 2,000 lives through early diagnosis of bowel cancer.

David Amess MP said: “I was pleased to learn todaythat 527,780 people in the eastern screening hub have taken part in bowelcancer screening to date. However, too many people are still dying from thiscurable disease. If 77% of people in the eastern screening hub took part inbowel cancer screening, in the next two years, 1444 cancers could be detected.That is why I am being LOUD about the importance of screening to ensure thatpeople in Southend West stay CLEAR of bowel cancer.”