Councillor Julian Ware-Lane RIP

I was much saddened to learn of Julian’s death. He had borne his illness with immense courage. It was most humbling to meet and see him talking about his illness, with not so much as a shred of bitterness. Nevertheless, the town has lost a first-class public servant.

He was an extremely conscientious and hard-working local Councillor, who served the residents he represented in an exemplary manner. He was a well-educated man, with a breadth of interests, both a man of words and obviously a lover of music. He has been taken from our midst at far too young an age.

He was my Parliamentary opponent in both the 2015 and 2017 General Elections. Throughout both campaigns, particularly the latter, when I certainly didn’t realise that he was unwell, he at all times concentrated on policy issues and not personalities. He was an honourable and worthy opponent.

He will be missed by so many people, but none more so than the family he loved and his many friends.