Congratulations to Robert Pittenger; elected US Congressman for the 9th District of Carolina

David Amess MP expressed today how absolutely delighted he is that the Godfather to his daughter Florence was elected a US Congressman last night. Mr Amess said, “He is someone I have the highest regard for and with his Christian values will be a real asset to Washington. I look forward to working with him closely on issues that will improve the well being of the United Kingdom, the United State of America, and the World.”

Robert Pittenger won 57.77% of the vote and takes over from U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick, who had previously served for 18 years. Congressman Pittenger had formerly served in the state Senate. In his victory speech the newly elected Congressman exclaimed, “My pledge to you, with all the commitment I have, as God enabled me, I will do everything I can to preserve that legacy for future generations.

Congratulations Congressman Pittenger!