Children's Mental Health Week (4th-10th February)

Ahead of Children's Mental Health Week, Sir David Amess MP is supporting a campaign to help young people build happy and healthy minds. On Wednesday 30th January, he joined Action for Children at the launch of their Build Sound Minds- a campaign focused on developing mental and emotional well-being for children and teenagers. 

A third of 15 to 18-year-olds assessed by Action for Children were found to be suffering from mental health issues. Around 75% of adults with lifelong mental health issues report first experiencing their symptoms before the age of 18; early intervention could help address the wider mental health challenges across the country. 

Sir David has pledged his support for the charity’s campaign, to improve children and teenagers’ mental health and provide families with the right information and tools. Speaking ahead of Children's Mental Health Week, he said. 'With so many children and teenagers struggling with mental health issues, starting an open conversation and helping young people to engage with their own emotional well-being is so important. This week is about creating an awareness of the challenges that many young people face, and encouraging them to not be afraid to seek support if they're struggling. Action for Children are doing fantastic work, and  I am pleased to support their Build Sound Minds campaign.'

Julie Bentley, chief executive of Action for Children, said:

“Just like our physical health, our emotional wellbeing needs care and attention. And the first step in doing this is to create a positive conversation about mental health. Every day we support children and teenagers who are struggling for a number of reasons. Some are concerned about their futures, many are dealing with the intense pressure of school work and others are experiencing problems at home, all while navigating a complex 24/7 world with constant stimulation from social media. It’s no wonder that things can sometimes become too much for young people to handle. But with the backing of MPs like Sir David, Action for Children can support young people to deal with their feelings from an earlier age, help prevent problems from starting and allow them to bounce back quickly if they do.”

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