Celebrating 47 Years of The Saturday Morning Club

On Saturday 9th of February Sir David attended the 47th birthday of the Saturday Morning Club in Southend.


The club, which provides vulnerable people with a valued space for socialising and a support network, was founded by Geoff Derrick in 1977. It was one of the first clubs of its kind to be established in the UK. Meeting every Saturday, the club has 25 loyal members; meeting their friends and enjoying entertainment. This club provides support to those otherwise left feeling isolated.


Sir David thoroughly enjoyed the celebrations and was honoured to be invited to speak. He said, “The Saturday Club provides vulnerable people with a safe space in which they can enjoy each other’s company. Combatting loneliness is vital to ensuring that everyone feels included in society. I commend the volunteers who have tirelessly dedicated their time over 47 years in order to support the community to which they belong”.


The Saturday is in need of more volunteers and more members.  Please email: amessd@parliament.uk for any more information about this fantastic club.